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Job Description
Vision Tech Camps
About the Company
 Vision Tech is a leading provider of summer technology programs for kids & teens with a mission to provide science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning opportunities.  Vision Tech summer technology program is a collaborative learning environment that motivates students to learn new STEM skills and allows them to feel empowered to become the next generation of developers, game designers, coders, entrepreneurs, and engineers.
As a summer tech instructor, you will participate in Vision Tech’s mission to inspire children to explore technology at an early age and further their skills and careers. Vision Tech’s Instructors play a key role in the delivery of Vision Tech camp curriculum in a fun and caring environment. They are driven, tech savvy and love helping kids learn technology.  They act as a mentor to individual campers and support students during exercise/project time. This is a perfect role for someone who is passionate about teaching kids and love tinkering with new technology.
  • Instructors deliver technology curriculum at an expert level.
  • Plan fun activities around topics related to the camp course.
  • Instructors will achieve and exceed minimum learning goals set for each camp.
  • Instructors will ensure completed projects each week for each camper.
  • Communicate and advise parents, students and the administration on daily basis
  • Maintain knowledge of all Vision Tech services, and product offered
  • Review curriculum prior to start of the camp
  • Complete curriculum training
  • Participate in Friday last day events
Hands-on Computer Lab
  • Instructors will implement Vision Tech’s curriculum, course exercises, and projects using all the supporting material and technology
  • Review student’s projects for accuracy and completion
  • provide technical assistance to students
  • support students during lab and projects
Team Role
Instructors will work with the Vision Tech team to the execute memorable summer experience for kids & teens. These include: maintaining the computer lab, managing the student and parent feedback,  coordinating student activities, and other tasks.
  • Experience teaching in a classroom setting in a technical field
  • At least 2 years of experience teaching kids and teen in a classroom setting
  • Available for on-site, full day camp position in the Vision Tech Camp locations
  • Academic background in computer science or engineering
  • Experience with our common tools: Minecraft, Java, python, LEGO EV3 Robotics, VEX Robotics, Arduino Engineering, 3D printers and modeling, Unreal, Team Fortress, Virtual Reality HTC, Spark fun and Autodesk
  • Pass pre-employment checks, such as DOJ, criminal background check, reference checks
  • First aid and CPR certified
Job Location
Danville Tech Camp 
Saratoga Tech Camp 
Berkeley Tech camp 
Vision Tech strives to compensate our instructors based on their experience and education
Application Instructions
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